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This year your child’s party is going to be incredible when you invite Presto Paul & his Amazing Clean Comedy Magic Show  to WOW your guests! the show features a high energy performance with a ton of audience participation. Kids and adults will love to get involved in the show. In fact, your party room will be transformed into a Magical Theater where you will experience Comedy Magic & Mystifying Illusions like you’ve never seen before! Imagine a coloring book coming to life using a child’s magical powers! Picture a magic wand passing right through a balloon! And the most astonishing of all, watch your child Float in MID AIR! How cool is that?!

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Chair Suspension 


These are just a few of the magical moments you can experience when Presto Paul appears at your next event!    

[box] “Keeping the kid’s entertained for a solid hour is a tough task. You were able to keep the children laughing the whole time! I liked how you had all the kids involved. I just told a mom yesterday that you did a great job for us. The Kids were having a ball!” Tiffany Sams, President of Skidaddles Florence, KY[/box]
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The show is full of Comedy and age appropriate Magic. Presto Paul knows he is a role model to children, so you don’t have to worry about the use of any inappropriate language or any tricks that will harm the children.

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The Birthday Child is always the


 Skidaddles 2

Imagine how much joy you’ll have seeing their…

Smiling Faces and Hearing Outbursts Of Laughter!

[box] “We loved the back drop, your choice of music for certain tricks, and that you had the Birthday girl so involved. I will (and have already) told everyone how much they get to enjoy their child’s day by watching you entertain. How you can even keep a group of 5 year olds attention for 1 hour. I got emails and text’s up till 10 at night with mom’s telling me their kids were still talking about all the fun they had at Lexi’s Party!” Shannon Cash [/box]
[box] “The Adults were as Amazed as the kids. They asked if the show was for the adults or the kids. It was great that you included every child and you made my son feel very special by giving him so much attention. It made his birthday Awesome! I know he will never forget it.” Jeannie Dean Burlington, KY [/box]

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