Can we serve food and drinks during the show?

I HIGHLY recommend NOT to serve any food or drinks during the show. You should plan on serving food and drinks either before or after the show. My show is very interactive and I need everyone free from distractions to be able to participate in the show.

Can you entertain our children in one room while the adults are in another room?

I require that ALL the children be supervised at all times by at least one responsible adult (other than me).

Can you perform the show outside?

I strongly recommend that the show be performed inside. The weather is too unpredictable with sudden rain and strong winds. Dogs barking, neighbor cutting the grass etc. This is all very distracting and takes away from my show.

How much space do you need?

My show requires a minimum space that is 6′ wide X  5′ Deep. To be able to use my backdrop I require a minimum of an 8′ ceiling.

Is the show clean and age appropriate?

YES! My show is squeaky clean. My show is designed for the family in mind. There will be no inappropriate language or offensive humor.

What Equipment do you need?

All I need is an electrical outlet! I bring my own sound equipment, and tables.

When is a good time to have your show begin?

It is best to have my show begin a minimum of 15 minutes after the party begins. This prevents any distractions from late arriving guests.