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These events are created to be remembered FOREVER! WOW Events are all about creating a sense of wonder for all those who attend.  We guarantee our events will be remembered for a lifetime. Our WOW Events will create special memories that the children will replay over and over again in their minds for years to come and bring a smile to their faces.

 [ez_box title=”Stranger Danger Kids Safety Show” color=”blue”]


Presto Paul’s Stranger Danger Kids Safety Show is touring through your area and we would LOVE to present this program for your preschoolers!

This is a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE that your children will LOVE and your parents will THANK YOU for hosting at your center!

Through a fun, interactive magic show preschool age children will learn:

  • Dangers of Strangers
  • Calling 9-1-1
  • What To Do If They Get Lost!
  • Poster to help promote the show




[ez_box title=”Fizz BOOM Read” color=”blue”]


Presto Paul’s Fizz, Boom, Read Science and Magic Show will be touring your area during the summer of 2014!

This All-New show will have a scientific theme. Presto Paul will thrill your audience with magic that uses optical illusions, crazy machines, wacky experiments and much much more!

Of course, Presto Paul’s show will feature tons of audience participation, family-friendly humor and amazing magic.


Presto Paul’s Summer Reading Science and Magic Show is the ideal entertainment choice for both children and adults. This is an event your kids and their parents will be talking about for a long, long time.

  • 45 Minute Magic Show
  • Science Experiments come to life
  • Tons of audience participation
  • Educational
  • FREE Giveaways

[ez_box title=”Frosty’s Magical  Wonderland” color=”blue”]



We will transform your center into a Winter Wonderland with

Lights, Music and Magic!


Frosty’s Magical Wonderland Show combines Audience participation to the Max, Hilarious Comedy, Storytelling and Puppetry. AND for the Big Finale…

 Presto Paul will make it




Frosty’s Magical Wonderland Includes:

  • 45 Minute Comedy Magic Show
  • Tons of Audience Participation
  • FREE Magic Dollar Bill with Tricks for All the kids
  • Photo opportunity with Frosty and Presto Paul
  • And MORE



[ez_box title=”Beach Party Blast” color=”blue”]


This is all about having a beach party during the coldest months of the year. We come dressed in bright colored warm weather clothing and put on a Beach party. We transform the entire show area into a beach style setting. We even bring beach balls and sand pails with us.

The children’s mouths drop open when they see all the Summer fun we bring. You can almost feel the sun in your face and the sand between your toes. It’s all about celebrating the coming of Summer even though it’s cold outside. We even bring the Lemonade and Popsicles! Nothing says Summer time fun like a nice cold glass of lemonade and a tasty popsicle.


[ez_box title=”A Hoppy Easter” color=”blue”]


We bring Easter right to your door step! We will have the Easter Bunny there and an Easter Egg Hunt. They get to visit with the Easter bunny in your facility. We also take pictures for you with each of the children and will develop them at your center. This is a great souvenir for the children. We don’t need to tell you that the parents will absolutely love these pictures.


[ez_box title=”Halloween Spooktacular” color=”blue”]


Skidaddles Me and Stage

It’s the most spooky-ful time of the year…the season of ghosts and ghoulies, witches and princesses, monsters and super heros! And for parents, is there anything more terrifying than a three year old with a bag full of candy?! Aaaaah! It’s Halloween!

There is no better way to celebrate than with a highly entertaining (not so scary) Magic of Halloween!

Spine tingling and hilarious, this interactive magical adventure combines music, puppetry, magic tricks and tons of audience participation into an age-appropriate funny/non-scary Halloween Party.

This show is the perfect way to kick off your Halloween fun or equally perfect for any time during this Spooktacular Month


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[kc_heading_pac_3_headline_main size=”45″ color=”#C00″ ]Call 859-803-1655 to find out how you can get a WOW Event for FREE!  Plus, be sure to ask how your center can Make Money by having a WOW Event![/kc_heading_pac_3_headline_main]